A new dawn

My hope for this new dawn
This new wind, this new breath
This fresh lease of life
This chance to take control
This chance to loosen the reins
This fitful lift of a misty cover
This refocus of a shaky picture
This wistful, wistful morning
My hope for this new year


Is for courage
To face the torrent and hold my ground
And a little bit of luck.
Is for wisdom
To bend humbly when I am out of my depth
And a helping hand.
Is for an open mind
As I don’t always know what I need or want
And some band-aids for missteps.
Is for levity
So I can laugh with life at its sense of humor
But some mercy too.
Is for strength of character
To be thoughtful, kind, sensitive and respectful
And love.


A new dawn

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